A truly amazing opportunity for anyone looking to improve their health

We take the brightest, most respected health experts and combine them with technology, to give you personalized, world class care. Available to you anywhere. Anytime. Whenever and wherever you want it.

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Why This Works?   Here’s the Facts

Regular communication with a personal trainer increases your chance of success by over 200% !
Studies show that people who try to improve their health on their own are less than 20% likely to be successful. BUT people who get personalized help and coaching are more than 75% likely to not only reach their goals, but EXCEED them!
Online interactions and support mean you will lose weight more quickly, and have a greater chance of keeping it off

We make improving your health as easy, motivating and fun as humanly possible. Best of all, we cater to YOU!

Bob Kaleal, HealthHelp Trainer

A Real Person

You get genuine, one-on-one help from a top expert. Real personality. Real insight. A real relationship. We pride ourselves on giving you the best care and support we possibly can. Available to you on a daily basis.

A Plan For You

Your trainer takes the time to get to know you as a person and learn all about your situation. They work with you to develop a plan that works around your lifestyle and your exact wants and needs. There are NO cookie cutter, one size fits all plans.

Support and Motivation

Your trainer and coach will be there with you every step of the way. To motivate, support and to even help you rally after

No Matter What Your Personal Situation

Post pregnancy and “Mom” specific plans, general weight loss and nutritional guidance, men’s specific weight loss and muscle building, childhood / teenage obesity and health, lean muscle building for guys and gals as well as sport specific training. No matter what you need our experts can help!

Easy. Accessible. Convenient.

We bring it all to you! No more busy schedule. No more appointments. No more rushing around. Chat with your coach via live video, video messaging and standard email and messaging. All done safely and securely via the web or your mobile device.

"It's our belief, that the only way this would not work for you, is if you flat out ignored your trainer and literally did nothing!"

Riley, Official HealthHelp Mascot