Are You a Certified Trainer, Nutritionist or Health Expert?

We’re always looking for passionate, top level experts to join our team

You MUST have a passion for the industry and for helping people!

... yes, we’re pretty serious about that! HealthHelp and our eTraining platform was founded solely to help people. Genuine, real help. People are desperate for help, and this platform and all experts that are involved with it, their main goal and passion is to help people. We provide that bridge that connects the best-of-the best trainers who are wanting to help people, to people who are searching and desperate for help and advice.

We are the only platform and site in town, and with that, it provides you incredible opportunities:

  • *   Expand your client base – Where as a standard health club you can only train so many clients in a day, our technology and platform allows you to handle up to 20x more clients you can currently physically handle.

  • *   Since we are in the cloud, you can help and train people without ever having to leave your home

  • *   You will be featured, as one of “Cleveland’s Best”. With thousands of people all in Greater Cleveland coming to our site and platform who are interested in health & wellness, your name will be seen, marketed and known all thru ought the city as one of Cleveland’s top experts

  • *   More money! You can supplement your income while training clients on our platform, or you can make great money solely training with us (often times more than you will training in standard health clubs and gyms)

If you are interested in joining our team and cause,please email: Kenny Leonard,