Basic Site Questions

What is HealthHelp exactly?
Very simply, it's Cleveland's brightest and most respected weight loss, fitness, and overall health and wellness professionals. The way the current industry operates now, with contradicting information, products and services misleading and lying to you, it's virtually impossible for you to get good, credible information that you know you can trust. HealthHelp is an elite club, consisting ONLY of the best-of-the-best professionals and experts greater Cleveland has to offer. And best of all, all readily available to you from the comforts of your computer.


Why was this created? What its goal and purpose?
Well, very simply ... because NO ONE has stepped forward to take the lead and fix the problem! The current health & wellness industry is a $47 billion dollar a year industry filled with junk, quick-fix claims and so-called "experts" offering contradicting advice -- making it very hard for you to get good help that you know will work. Our job is to help you by providing you with the best information and support. To provide you with an authority source you know that you can trust, and that is easily available to you and works for YOUR time schedule. And for it to be a FUN and enjoyable community!


What are the advantages of an internet based service?
Look. This isn't a perfect world ... we know this! Your time is precious and you don't have a lot of time. AND, the high-cost of gym memberships, personal training and nutrition services are WAY too expensive for most people! We feel that it is just way too much to ask of people. It basically is not fair and unrealistic. But the internet allows us to fix this problem ...

Why the internet? Here's 2 Main Reasons:

1. Because of the low cost of the internet we're able to offer you A TON MORE than any health club, fitness program, books, videos or any other nutritional and training program. AND we're fully able to basically give it away to you at an almost unreal low price!

2. Because time and distance aren't an issue! We don't expect you to re-arrange your schedule! If you need help, have a question or need motivation you have it right at your fingertips as soon as you need it! No more "schedule an appointment" or trying to squeeze things into your schedule! What could be easier?

How does it work? What is free and what is not?
It's very simple. Everything in the site is free, except the e-training and nutritional coaching. BUT the best thing is because it's online based, we can practically GIVE AWAY the services at an almost unbelievable price! We do have to charge for this though, because our professionals do have to eat to!


Why do you ask for basic personal information to use the site?
So we can serve you better. For example, if we have 75% of our customer base on the west side, we know we have to go out and get more event happenings, gyms deal, and other wellness services for that specific area. It simply helps us to serve you better - that's all! BUT KNOW THIS: your information will NEVER, EVER, EVER be shared with anyone - period! We value your privacy and will never share ANY information!

* In fact, even our health professionals do not get access to your information. Only our company president has access to the database - so rest assured, your information is on lock-down!


What about your professionals and experts? I am very skeptical about health and wellness information, especially online. What are your credentials and qualifications?
Well first we have to say, we can't blame yah! There is a lot of junk out there! But rest assured this consists of ONLY the best experts in Cleveland. Our program and site is based in the immense knowledge and skills of the most respected experts. All of our pros are licensed, insured and have vast credentials. Please check our expert's page to learn more about each expert.


How secure is this service?
Locked-down secure! There is NO ONE that has access to your information! And the credit card processing for the e-training is handled by American Express and is federally insured. It's secure as humanly possible!


Can I trust the information on this site?
ABSOLUTELY! Our professionals and experts are THE BEST Cleveland has to offer and highly respected within their fields. Their years of experience is well documented and respected thru ought the health and wellness community. Our pros are NOT your standard "weekend certified" instructors that many health clubs and gyms offer. This is an elite club that consists of only the BEST - period!


How do I know this is for me?
HealthHelp works for virtually everyone! If you are interested in any way, shape or form of improving YOUR health, your family's health or a loved ones health - THIS IS FOR YOU!



Your Account / Privacy and Confidentiality Questions

Why do I get my own account within your site and what is it exactly ... how does it work?
We wanted to create the ultimate online community and provide you with as many fun tools as possible. From searching for others who have the same fitness interests as you to starting "health & fitness groups," we want to give you everything you may need for shaping up and to make it as enjoyable and easy as possible. The "buddy system" and "buddying up" is very popular within online wellness sites, and we wanted to take it to a whole new level! We also provide you with your very own email as well, so that ANYONE you may want to contact within HealthHelp you will be able to do so - including our pros.


Is my account information confidential? Who has access to my personal info?
Your account is 150% confidential and NO ONE has access to your personal information. It is private and confidential. No one except you and your trainer (fitness expert, nutritionist for e-training) can see your information. And the only information your trainer will see is what is on your health form and what you have filled in. NO ONE will see your detailed personal information. You are the only person who is at liberty to share your information. It is totally up to you and you're the boss!



E-training Questions

So why was the e-training created?
Why? Well, to start because many, many people have asked us for it! And very simply put ...

Time: It's not a perfect world, if you're like most, there's not enough time in the day and you're busy. Wouldn't it be great if you and everyone else had 1-2 hours a day to spend on their health and appearance? Let's face it, not many have this luxury! Therefore time is a major factor and this site and service makes it a lot easier and totally eliminates time issues as we are available to you 24/7. We cater to YOU!

Distance: In this crazy, hectic world of traffic and hold-ups simply going up to the store can be a chore and hassle. The beauty of the World Wide Web is that we can totally eliminate distances and bring everything right to you, into the comforts of your home. Easy, accessible and on demand ... when YOU need it!

Cost: The way the industry operates now, it's nearly impossible for the average person to afford good, quality help from an expert, let-alone a top-notch expert! Standard health and nutritionists rates can EASILY average out to around $150 PER WEEK! If you're like most, you don't have hundreds of dollars just lying around every month! And if you do, then this is going to be really cheap for you! Because of the World Wide Web, we can offer A LOT more AND keep the costs WAAAY down. Thus making it affordable for virtually everyone to get the health and wellness guidance that you deserve! We eliminated and fixed a major problem within the health world - HIGH COST!

Quality: Another problem that exists within the health world is sub-par experts. There are more "bad" experts out there then there are good. 95% of weight loss and health products flat-out lie and mislead you - making it virtually impossible for you to get good, credible advice that you know you can trust and that you know will work. So who can you believe and who can you trust? All our experts are THE BEST Cleveland has to offer ... we're an elite club! What we've done is brought the absolute best experts together, all under one roof, and made them available to you 24/7! So rest assured, you can't get much better help then this!


What is the e-training consisting of exactly?
ANYTHING you may need to shape up! That's our goal ... from help on dealing with your stress, advice by a nutritionist for meal planning or eating for weight loss, to improving the drives on your golf swing or developing a 6-pack stomach! Think of it like this ... if you in any way would like to improve your self and your health, you now have, at your disposal, Cleveland's foremost experts and brightest minds. We provide you with everything you need ... all delivered right to your email and user area that is provided to you on this site!

Streaming Video: Don't have a lot of time? Maybe you want to exercise at home and on your terms and your terms only ... No problem! We have the ability to send you actual exercises right to your HealthHelp account and you can watch them all from your computer, from the comforts of your home! Or maybe you want to know what to do at the gym, we can do that too! Whatever you may need, our pro's can send you video instruction right to your video player that you have in your account!

Q & A: Ask our pros all your questions and we will answer them ... you will have the ability to pick our professionals brain and use them for your benefit! Need help in getting your son or daughter on track? No problem! Our pros are all here to help you with whatever YOU may need! Again, this can all be done within our site and with your personal account and email that we provide you with

Nutrition, exercise, stress ... : Again, whatever you may need! Our pros are here for you and we want to help you get the results you always wanted!


How do I signup and what happens exactly? Can you explain the simple steps of how this works?

Why do your experts need certain information?
For obvious reasons ... We need to know about you as this allows us to design a program and work with you based on YOUR situation. This enables us to design a program based on your exact wants and needs. This information is the exact same information you would need to give any professional in a health club setting; only ours is MUCH quicker!


When I join, will I need to buy anything else?
No! ... No secret foods, no books, nothing. In fact, this is often a hidden secret of many of the diet companies ... they get you enrolled for cheap, and then make you buy their food. Why buy their food when the grocery store already has everything you need? That is ridiculous. You don't have to buy anything else from us.


Can I cancel at any time?
Yes! Anytime you wish to cancel, for whatever reason, you can easily do so.


Will it be customized for me?
Yes! A "one-size fit's all" approach does not work with wellness. You are different from the next person and we know this. We help you and focus on the things YOU need!


How do I ask questions and communicate with the experts?
This is great ... it's all done right on this site! All within your account and right thru your email that we provide you with thru our HealthHelp database. We give you all the tools, resources and everything you need!

How long does it take for the experts to answer my questions and emails?
Our general rule is that our experts will respond back to you within 24 hours (most of the time A LOT sooner!). We just say 24 hours AT THE MOST as this is a good time frame to expect. Also please understand that ALL of our experts are busy with their daily lives as well - just like you. Taking the kids to school, getting dinner ready, spending a night out with their spouses, etc.

They simply are not glued to the computer 24 hours a day. BUT, we are here to serve you and get you in shape! All our experts are passionate about helping you shape up so they will be checking for emails from you frequently thru ought the day and eager to help you. But lets face it, there are going to be times where they are not in front of the computer due to the daily everyday tasks they have just like yourself.


What happens if I miss a day of my program that they have designed for me because I am busy or get caught up with daily stuff?
No problem! Don't worry, we understand that things can get crazy at times and the "daily grind" can wear on you ... we know it's not a perfect world! We work with you and go by your time schedule to help you achieve all your goals. This is about YOU - Making it right for you and you only.


I feel I am overweight and/or I could use some improving on things and I would like to improve myself in some ways ... but I have tried virtually everything and nothing seems to work. How is this so different from everything else out there?
Because you get the chance to get personalized help, from Cleveland's MOST RESPECTED professionals and experts. This is a revolutionary system that has NEVER been done before. Never before has there been a collection of such highly respected professionals all joined together to help YOU and provide you with everything you may need to Shape Up! You get the absolute best-of-the best help available to you 24/7!

But I am only interested in Nutritional advice - OR - But I am only interested in exercise advice. Can I just use what I need for me and my situation?
Yes! While we encourage you to make a complete and "well-rounded" approach to your health, we do understand that your time and personal situation will dictate what you may want ... therefore, YES we are able to provide you with an "a la carte" type approach. Any improvement you may be interested in is good, and we certainly want to help!


I want very specific and personalized training.
While we encourage you to take a complete and "well-rounded" approach, we do understand that you may be interested in things that are specific to you and your situation. We will be able to assist you in things you need. So Yes!


I am a vegetarian. Do you have a vegetarian nutritionist?
Absolutely! Our vegetarian nutritionist / dietitian can help you with whatever you may need and can cater to your lifestyle!


Medical Questions

Should I consult with a doctor first?
Absolutely! Even though everything we do is based on the safe, accepted health and medical standards and recommendations, we highly recommend you consult with your doctor before beginning ANY type of physical activity or program. You also are not permitted to partake in any of our programs without first reading the privacy policy and user agreement as well as recognizing that you will check with your physician before starting any exercise or fitness routine.


General Questions

I am leery and hesitant about putting my credit card information down online? Is this secure and what steps are taken to insure this?
YES it's 150% secure! All credit card processing is done by American Express, a world-wide leading processing company and is 150% safe and also FULLY insured. Your information is safe, secure and insured. We use only the best processing system to insure your trust. You will also get complete details such as a receipt of your purchase with full details.