If you’re a health club or gym...

We can help you expand your reach in your city to potential future club members, and offer an added value and aspect to your personal training services

Facts are facts. And the fact is, only 4% of people have professional help, yet 70% want it. This is a tremendous gap and an incredible amount of people that are looking for personal training/health coaching. There are many barriers as to why people are not able to obtain personalized help, such as lack of time and the high costs of personal training – just to name a few.

With HealthHelp and our eTraining platform we eliminate these barriers and provide you with the ability to get to the front doors of these people.

  • *   12% is the average number of members that purchase personal training. Not a lot at all. A big obvious reason for this, is the cost. Many can’t afford the costs of personal trainers. With our platform, your trainers can use our eTraining system and customize it to your club. Your club then turn around and offer a unique personal training package to your clients that is more appealing to the average person. For example, standard packages are in the hundreds per month and require the client to come in a few times a week, meet with their trainer and to find the time. This does NOT work for most average people.

With our platform you can create a package where the client meets with their trainer, for example, 1-2 times a month in person, but the client will still communicate with their trainer on a consistent basis thru our platform and site. Since you are cutting down on the most costly thing, the trainers physical time spent with the client, you can offer the package to your clients at a significant discount! Making it more appealing and attractive to the average person, AND improving your bottom line and profits at the same time!

Our platform can do the following:

Time – Imagine all the people within a 20 mile radius of your club, that would love to exercise and/or get a trainer, but can’t due to common time restraints. We give you the ability to get into the homes of these people, and provide top level one-on-one care without ever expecting the person to leave their home. And when they do, the chances are great that they will join your club!

Cost – Because of the internet, you are able to offer personalized one-on-one help at a significant discount making it more appealing to the average person and still turn a significant profit at the same time

“Sticky-ness” of your club – With our built in social platform and tools, it allows your members to have a more “support group, community” type feel even when they are at home and away from your club

By partnering with us, you will be able to use all our eTraining tools including our complete video exercise library, web cam video messaging software, social community and platform – just to name a few. We can also customize it to fit the look and feel of your club.

To inquire and explore all the ways HealthHelp can help your bottom line, expand your reach and increase your membership rates, please email Kenny Leonard, at kleonard@healthyCLE.com