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We're here to help you improve your health. To improve and change your life. To finally get the personal help that you deserve -- quickly and easily. Regardless of your situation and past history.

The HealthHelp Story

HealthHelp was founded and started by my own personal experiences witnessing people close to me struggle with their weight and overall health. Struggle with it to the point to where it almost crippled them, destroyed their self-esteem and self-image and made them overall unhappy and downright sad. They felt insignificant and felt like they were constantly being judged and looked at. As one of my close friends said to me, they felt "unattractive and ugly" … even though they were not. There is no doubt that one’s health is a major aspect in their life and can have major psychological impacts on them. This is the case in adults, and unfortunately, in our children as well.

The one glaring problem that I saw and witnessed was just how hard it was for people to get good advice, support and help. I mean REAL, solid PERSONALIZED advice and help that they know would work and could help them to improve their health. Unfortunately, the industry is broken and the options for you to get good credible help that YOU KNOW will work are as follows:
These are your options to improve your health and the problems many of you face:

  • *   Join a health club –  well what if you don’t feel comfortable or want to join a health club. What if you don’t have the time. What if you don’t have the money. And just because you join a health club, does not mean you are going to get results. You still need to know what you are doing and what approach is best for you. This is a problem for many of us.

  • *   Get a personal trainer – Do you have in upwards of $150 a week for a personal trainer? Because I sure don’t! The average person does NOT have this kind of money.

  • *   Try out the latest overly marketed diet(s) – This will for sure not lead to anything good. Yo-Yo dieting is a proven recipe for disaster and even more weight gain

  • *   Search "weight loss help" on Google and hope to find something – The internet is a mess of contradicting information and advice, all of which many times comes from so-called “experts” who have no business giving advice and tips.

Out of my experience and seeing all the problems that the average person faces when trying to shape up and improve their health, a deep passion formed to help good, hard working Clevelanders who are going thru this very common problem. I wanted to create a solution that was not only easy and accessible, but most importantly, a solution that WOULD WORK for the average person looking to improve their health.

I tore apart the city to find the top health professionals and experts that shared my passion to change lives and help people thru health and wellness. So I built this website and mega platform. A platform that allows anyone here within our city to connect to a top health expert so that they can get the personal one-on-one training, help, advice and support that they so desperately need.

This site and cause has been built thru my own personal blood, sweat and tears and years and years of working days and late nights to make this happen. No investors, no short cuts, just a lot of hard work and sacrifice. It is my goal and passion to help you and to make sure you get the personal care and attention you deserve. It is my passion to help you and to provide you with all the tools you need to change your life and improve your health!
-- Kenny Leonard, Site Founder