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Healthy Humans. Healthy Dogs.
Our Passion. Our Mission & Impact.

Every Purchase Feeds a Rescue Shelter Dog

We're passionate about 2 things. Helping and improving the lives of people, and helping our 4-legged friends who who want nothing more then to love and support us, no matter what our personal situation may be.

That's why we're thrilled to announce that for every monthly membership with a personal trainer/health coach, your purchase will also provide meals or a life saving vaccination to a cute pup who has fallen on hard times.

Get A Real Personal Trainer & Health Coach. In Your Pocket.

Get daily, one-on-one personalized help, support & motivation from top experts online via your mobile device. Wherever. Whenever you want.

When it comes to improving your health, nothing will EVER beat a real person

Sure there’s plenty of cool free sites and apps out there. But they all lack one thing ... the human touch. Do you really want to entrust your health to an algorithm, snippet of computer code, or some cookie cutter one size fits all plan?


Your Trainer. Coach. Friend.

Real, genuine one-on-one help is at the heart of everything we do. Your trainer takes the time to get to know you as a person, and develops a plan that fits your life. There for you on a daily basis to motivate and support.


Easy. Simple. Convenient.

Get help anywhere. Anytime. Talk with your trainer online with high definition live video, video messages and standard messaging. Via the web or your mobile device, securely and privately.


No Matter What Your Situation

Everyone is different. No matter what you may need, we’re here to finally give you the help you want and deserve!


Ridiculously, Unbelievably Affordable

We make personalized, one-on-one help, which was previously not affordable for the average person, now affordable for all!

Because a Healthy Network is a Better Network

Join our inspiring, fun and motivating community for healthy living

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Harnessing the Power of Community and Social

Research shows, that our individual health is tied to the health of our communities and interactions with others. Healthy behavior is contagious and we give you tools to spread it. To friends. Family. Or everyone and anyone in your circle!

Share Photos. Motivate Friends & Others

Workout pics, healthy food, equipment, before and after photos or anything else healthy. Ps, we love selfies!

Share Workouts & Activities

Share your favorite healthy activities and workouts to inspire others to do the same

Connect With Others. Buddy Up

Meet other likeminded healthy members as well as encouraging others within your community

Follow Others to Stay Up to Date & Motivated

Keep up to date with your favorite top health experts, friends, clubs and new healthy happenings.

A Solution that’s Proven to Work!

If someone loses weight who is your friend, your 171% more likely to lose weight yourself

People who try to improve their health on their own are less than 20% likely to be successful. BUT people who get personalized coaching to help and guide them are more than 75% likely to not only achieve their goals, but EXCEED them!

A Kaiser Permanente study found that an interactive, personalized website will help people maintain weight loss.

Farmington Heart Study & New England Journal of Medicine

Chances of Success

Industry Standard


75x Greater with a Coach


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